Shamim Enterprise Counter Contact No. 2023 (শামীম এন্টারপ্রাইজ)

Are you looking for Shamim Enterprise counter locations and contact numbers? If yes, you are in the right place. Here we tried our best to provide you all information counter address, counter contact number, location etc all related information about Shamim Enterprise.

Shamim Enterprise Counter Address And Contact No.

Shamim Enterprise is a most popular inter-district bus service in Bangladesh. It operates both air-condition and non air-condition bus service. So you can buy bus ticket over phone, from their official website or directly from your any nearby Shamim Enterprise counter. Below you will get all information like bus counter address and phone no.

Rajshahi Counters

Rajshahi Dhaka Bus Stand
Phone: 01623-015019

Chapainawabganj Dhaka Bus Stand
Phone: 01623-015020

Kishoreganj, InterBoass Bus Terminal, Gatail
Phone: 01795-012721

Sherpur post office front
Phone: 01861-659347

Phone: 01925-009082

Phone: 01959-984698

Phone: 01740-865217

Phone: 01713-503153

Phone: 01917-213920

Kanpur Rampur
Phone: 01740-547647

Khulna Counters

Mansur Super Market (Police Line), Kushtia
Phone: 01717-126288

Islamic University, Kushtia
Phone: 01719-573417

Jhenaidah, Arabpur
Phone: 01712-370985

Phone: 01716-423262

Jessore, Pal House
Phone: 01915-456958

Jessore bus co-owner association building
Phone: 01711-167875

Phone: 01711-475087

Phone: 01711-018574

Phone: 01920-280576

(In contrast to the port mine)
Phone: 01711-167867

Sonadanga BUS Station, Khulna
Phone: 01922-305296

Phone: 01721-760051

Phone: 01677-036966

New Market
Phone: 01711-308545

Chattogram Counters

Olongkar More, (NEAR to Prime Bank)
Phone: 01954-005162

EPZ, Chattagram
Phone: 01711-032302

Garibullah Shah Mazar
Phone: 01954-005169

Phone: 01954-005169

Cox’s Bazar Counters

Cox’s Bazar Bus Terminal
Phone: 01927-930057, 01815-075704

Phone: 01985-650479, 01689-840531

Gazipur Counters

Phone: 01711-148685

Gorgaria Master bari
Phone: 01687-895131

Joydebpur Chaurasta
Phone: 01795-853450

Tangail Counters

Protinidhi Counter Madhupur, Bus Station
Phone: 01916-787562

Ghatail Cantonment
Cantonment Gate
Phone: 01713-573636

Ghatail, Hotel Taj
Phone: 01723-777347

Elenga, Suetitra rural phone, Haleem Super Market
Phone: 01711-519449

Shamim Enterprise Bus Service Mymensingh

Head Office: 4 K B Ismail Road, Kachari Ghat
Phone: 01711-662354, 01795-012719.

Bridge More, Bihari camp
Phone: 01921-438280

Phone: 01861-659345

Mukta Gacha
Phone: 01717-066713, 01676-294473

Trishal, Huq Telecom
Phone: 01915-464748, 01919-000180

Bhaluka, Magazine Distribution
Phone: 01712-343452

Attention! Here we always tried to keep all information up to date related to Shamim Enterprise. But some practical problems may occur sometimes, such as they change their counter contact number, counter location, address, ticket price and bus schedule etc. If you face any kind of issue like that please just contact with our support or contact with any your nearby counters. We will try our best to solve the issue as soon as possible.

Important notice from Shamim Enterprise authority:

  • Passenger much have to reach at bus counter at least before 20 minutes of departing time.
  • Each passenger can carry max 10 kg luggage. For additional extra weight passenger have to pay extra charge.
  • Carrying illegal goods is not allowed in traveling time. The bus authority will not take any responsibility related to this kind of issue.
  • Smoking is not allowed in bus and traveling time.
  • Take a token from the bus bunker after giving their luggage and for receiving the luggage back keep the token safe. Off course ensure you luggage security.
  • If passenger come late at the bus counter and miss the bus, ticket fare will not be given back.
  • Keep your all important document and good safe, secured and in your own responsibility. The bus authority or staff will not take any kind of responsibility for that. 

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