Akota Transport Bus Counter Contact Number 2023 (একতা ট্রান্সপোর্ট)

Are you looking for Akota Transport counter locations and contact numbers? If yes, you are in the right place. Here we tried our best to provide you all information counter address, counter contact number, location etc all related information about Akota Transport.

Akota Transport Bus Counter Address And Contact Number

Akota Transport is a most popular inter-district bus service in Bangladesh. It operates both air-condition and non air-condition bus service. So you can buy bus ticket over phone, from their official website or directly from your any nearby Akota Transport counter. Below you will get all information like bus counter address and phone no.

Dhaka Counters

Mohakhali bus station (মহাখালী বাস টার্মিনাল)
Contact No: 01711-103191

Azampur, Uttara (আজমতপুর উত্তরা কাউন্টার)
Contact No: 01717-551107

Abdullahpur (আব্দুল্লাপুর কাউন্টার)
Contact No: 01712-287730

Airport (এয়ারপোর্ট কাউন্টার)
Contact No: 01882-123299

Bypass, Chaurasta, Gazipur (গাজীপুর চৌরাস্তা)
Contact No: 01743-661707

Konabari, Gazipur (গাজীপুর কোনাবাড়ী)
Contact No: 01752-224923

Tongi, Hasan Market (হাসান মার্কেট, টঙ্গি)
Contact No: 01772-115729

Chandra, Gazipur (চান্দুরা গাজীপুর)
Contact No: 01736-529098

Akota Transport Rajshahi Counters

Rajshahi (রাজশাহী কাউন্টার)
Contact No: 01762-684415

Godagari (গোদাগাড়ী কাউন্টার)
Contact No: 01762-684415

Rajabari (রাজবাড়ী কাউন্টার)
Contact No: 01762-684416

Hargram (হরগ্রাম কাউন্টার)
Contact No: 01762-684419

Laxmipur Counters (লক্ষীপুর কাউন্টার)
Contact No: 01762-684420

City Bypass (সিটি বাইপাস কাউন্টার)
Contact No: 01762-684421

Kajala Counters (কাজলা কাউন্টার)
Contact No: 01762-684422

Natore Counters

Natore Counters (নাটোর কাউন্টার)
Contact No: 01762-684402, 0771-62711

Beneshor (বানেশ্বর কাউন্টার)
Contact No: 01762-684425

Puthia (পুঠিয়া কাউন্টার)
Contact No: 01762-684426

Banpara (বানপাড়া কাউন্টার)
Contact No: 01762-684427

Baraai Grame (বড়াইগ্রাম কাউন্টার)
Contact No: 01762-684428

Noabazar Counters (নওয়াবাজার কাউন্টার)
Contact No: 01762-684428

Rangpur Counters

Gaibandha (গাইবান্ধা কাউন্টার)
Contact No: 01712-579545

Gaibandha (গাইবান্ধা বাসষ্ট্যান্ড)
Mobile: 0173-2678071

Rangpur (রংপুর জাহাজ কোম্পানী)
Contact No: 06445390058, 01193009310

Rangpur, Kamarpara (রংপুর কামারপাড়া)
Contact No: 01552315392

Santahar, Railgate (শান্তাহার রেলগেইট)
Contact No: 01556-331033

Lalmonir Hat, Railwaygate (লালমনিরহাট রেলগেইট)
Contact No: 01712-18098

Lalmonir Hat, Mission Road (মিশনরোড লালমনিরহাট)
Contact No: 01917-199993

Tushar Vandar, Bus Stands (তুষার ভান্ডার বাসষ্ট্যান্ড)
Contact No: 01717288540.

Gobindaganj (গোবিন্দগঞ্জ কাউন্টার)
Mobile: 01712-26063

Burimari, Zero Point (বুড়িমারি জিরো পয়েন্ট)
Mobile: 01712-114586, 01716-198114

Chapainawabgonj Counters

Chapai (চাঁপাইনবাবগঞ্জ কাউন্টার)
Contact No: 01762-684401

Ranihat, chapai (রাণীহাট কাউন্টার)
Contact No: 01762-684413

Shibganj, Chapai (শিবগঞ্জ কাউন্টার)
Contact No: 01762-684412

Kangshat, chapai (কানসাট কাউন্টার)
Contact No: 01762-684411

Maharajpur (মহারাজপুর কাউন্টার)
Contact No: 01762-685059

Binudpur (বিনোদপুর কাউন্টার)
Contact No: 01762-684423

Bogra Counters

Satmatha Counter (সাতমাথা বগুড়া)
Contact No: 05165458

Murail bus stand (মুড়াইল বাসষ্ট্যান্ড)
Contact No: 01713-722282

Thanthania (ঠনঠনিয়া কাউন্টার)
Contact No: 05164582

Santhar (শান্তাহার কাউন্টার)
Contact No: 01726-615334

Choumuhani Counter (চৌমহনী কাউন্টার)
Contact No: 01711-410464, 01758-877709

Sherpur bus stand Counter
Contact No: 01711-411355

Adam Dighi Counter (Hotel SIYAM)
Contact No: 01713-724672

Dupachechia Counter
Contact No: 01722-935818

Attention! Here we always tried to keep all information up to date related to Akota Transport. But some practical problems may occur sometimes, such as they change their counter contact number, counter location, address, ticket price and bus schedule etc. If you face any kind of issue like that please just contact with our support or contact with any your nearby counters. We will try our best to solve the issue as soon as possible.

Important notice from Akota Transport authority:

  • Passenger much have to reach at bus counter at least before 20 minutes of departing time.
  • Each passenger can carry max 10 kg luggage. For additional extra weight passenger have to pay extra charge.
  • Carrying illegal goods is not allowed in traveling time. The bus authority will not take any responsibility related to this kind of issue.
  • Smoking is not allowed in bus and traveling time.
  • Take a token from the bus bunker after giving their luggage and for receiving the luggage back keep the token safe. Off course ensure you luggage security.
  • If passenger come late at the bus counter and miss the bus, ticket fare will not be given back.
  • Keep your all important document and good safe, secured and in your own responsibility. The bus authority or staff will not take any kind of responsibility for that. 

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